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The two highly successful recordings I made some years ago with Camerata are now available on Itunes. The Brahms and Beethoven Trios CD is an interesting one from a collector’s point of view, because it is horn repertoire, and The French Collection is the CD I am most happy with. I very rarely listen to myself playing, but even from my point of view I find this CD good. It was previously released with a different cover. For those of you who haven’t heard it, I would recommend you take a listen.


Ian Bousfield Trombone Competition Final 7th June

Congratulations and good luck to Audun Breen (Norway), Michael Buchanan (UK), Ryan Hume (UK) and Attila Sztan (Hungary) who are the finalists for my trombone competition at the RAM on the 7th of June as part of the BTS day. I listened to all of the recordings and I have to say that the standard was amazingly high; indeed several of those who didn’t make it to the final may consider themselves very unlucky. The interesting thing about listening “blind” is that I had absolutely no idea who anyone was at all, even though I teach some of the applicants, one of whom I have taught for four years!!! Having discovered that one of my students is now in the final I have decided to step back from the process and I will take no part in judging the final. We have searched far and wide to find a panel with no links to the candidates or to the institutions where they have studied. If only many of my colleagues would take the same action it may save the incredibly tarnished reputation of competitions, tarnished in many cases to the point where it’s really not worth entering. It is my committed belief that if one of your students is playing you shouldn’t be sitting on the jury. Not only should it be fair, but it should appear to be fair. Anyway the finalists will be playing for great prizes – the winner will take home one of my fantastic Getzen 4147 trombones and there will be one of my mouthpieces for each finalist!! Many, many thanks to Brett Getzen and to Steven Greenall for donating the prizes. If you’re free, get down there to listen – these are seriously good players at the top of their game and I suspect they’ll have a great (and fair!!!) tussle.

Where You Can Study With Ian This Summer

International Belgian Brass Academy
: 8-15 May 2015

Dublin Brass Week: 3-4 July 2015

Ticino Musica: 26 July – 1 August 2015

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Brass Summer Schoo
l: 4-5 August 2015

Aurora Chamber Music Festival
: 19-23 August 2015

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