Teaching Videos

Please bear in mind that these coaching videos are guidelines. Nevertheless, they are the result of decades of study, research and head-scratching. They form the outlines of how I do it. And never forget – our technique is the tool we use to express the emotion in music. If we approach things purely technically, there’s always going to be something missing……the music!

I hope they help in some small way, but please don’t forget that how these techniques may apply to you is a completely different matter. I don’t know where you are in your development path right now. That’s where the art of teaching comes in.

January 2011 – Slide Technique

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February 2011 – Hotel Room Practice
In this clip I address the thorny issue of how to practice in a hotel room. It’s the bane of so many brass players’ lives and a fact of life on the road. This is how I get around the problem.

February 2011 (Number 2) – Legato Tonguing
What is legato tongue? How do we use the air? To tongue or not to tongue? Find out here.

April 2011 (Number 1) – Jet Lag
In this video I attempt to pass on the knowledge I’ve accrued over 30 years of flying around the world. With so many of us flying across the planet to take auditions and give solo concerts, it’s an issue that should not be underestimated.

April 2011 (Number 2) – Returning to What We Know
Practicing basic issues on standard repertoire is a dangerous game. Have your safe place prepared – the refuge where you deal with your basics and daily maintenance.

May 2011 – Warm-Up Vs. Practice
Where do we draw the line between warm-up and practice? How much of a warm-up do we get before we play Bolero or Brahms 1? And, in many cases, how much time do we get to warm up before an audition? Here I show you how I make the distinction between the two.

July 2011 – How to Start Playing Again After a Holiday
In this video I discuss the pros and cons of taking a break from practicing. I also attempt to give a step-by-step guide as to how to get started again.

November 2011 – The Basic Basics
If I were to say what the absolute core fundamentals of playing the trombone were, what would they be? In this video I try to distill my ideas into a few key points.

November 2011 (2) – Articulation
In this video I attempt to deal with the fundamentals of articulation and the use of the tongue in order to get the clearest articulation.